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How to deal with the most common stains on the carpet with homemade embroiled preparations

Our favorite carpets and rugs do not always seem as us we want. No matter how careful ever happens to spilled coffee, juice, liquid food, or even worse – ink. In most cases, rapid and timely response is essential, so the carpet to stay clean and free of stains.

Baby wipes find a variety of applications at home – cleaning the keyboard and monitor to cleaning makeup. Today, however, we will use them to clean up spilled coffee on the carpet. The faster you respond, the better – you wipe the spilled liquid. Tissues will absorb both liquid and will clean deep fibers of the floor mat. If necessary, repeat the operation until clear.

Coffee and tea

Stains from coffee and tea you can remove another drink – beer. Pour a little of it on a rag and rub the problem area on the carpet. Remove with a wet rag.


The most nightmarish spots for a housewife are those of ink. Some milk and cornstarch however, will save the situation. Mix both components to give a thick slurry. Apply to the stain and let dry for several hours, then remove with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Red wine

Image of stainAnd what would you do if the carpet is spilled red wine? If the carpet is dark in color, will not sink in sorrow much, but if it is in bright colors then? Then come to the aid salt and a little white wine. While stain is still fresh, pour it with a little white wine, which will dilute its deep red color. Clean and dry with a cloth and cold water. Sprinkle with plenty of salt and wait about 20 minutes. Clean with a vacuum cleaner. If necessary – repeat. If the stains are too stubborn choose the services of carpet cleaning Chelmsford. You can also look up on this page some cleaning tips.

This time of the year is among our favourite, because it is the time spent together, the time of festive dinners and presents, of shared experience, cuddles and big hugs. This time of the year brings a mood that makes us happier and calmer. And only then all our houses are transformed. No matter how they look like in the other months, right now they are all so beautiful. The Christmas tree is there right in the living room and the many decorations on it, small, but splendidly simple and gorgeous, are turning it into a masterpiece. The fire place is still there. But it is covered with stuff that makes it so different indeed. The socks are hanging; laughs could be heart and the cold weather outside, makes the feelings even warmer. Christmas is a sensation. It is not just a day in the year, when we are getting presents and eating turkey. It is the magic hidden in our childhood and in the belief of Father Christmas that makes the days and nights in December so magical. Sing a song. Play one. Get through those photos of old holidays. Friends and family and love. This is Christmas. And because everybody absolutely adores it, you should know that there are few more things that could make your house then look stunningly perfect.

The advent calendars 

They are precious little boxes. In the old times, when you were a child, they were full with chocolate only, advent-calendar-80014_640but now you can find a nice, high-quality advent calendar with whatever you want. To be honest, no matter which one I choose, I never miss the chocolate one. It’s a tradition. It is anticipating and enthusiasm. And for this reason it is so worthy.

The bed sheets  

The cosiest and favourite place all winter is your bedroom, I bet. And the most important thing there is of course your bed. It is all covered with cushions and blankets and pillowscabin-413770_640 and it is lovely. But around Christmas you can improve it by buying some festive bed sheets. Theme your bed with colours like red and green. Put some nice Christmas pillows with trees and Santa Claus and reindeers. Thus when you go into the bedroom, you will be enchanted.

The candles 

Yeah, yeah, everybody is talking about candles. They are hit, aren’t they? But right in that time, theychristmas-1245881_640 are a total must-have. Buy different candles with different scents and then arrange them all around the house. When you light them, you will be walking through a paradise. And nothing else creates such cosiness like the candles do.


It won’t be Christmas at all, if you are not baking some cookies and gingerbread men or muffins or whatever. You are not keen on that activity. Well, it is worth trying. loop-1065920_640It is part of the Christmas spirit. As simple as that. Bake something with a lot of cinnamon and ginger and the entire house will smell alluringly nice.

This torturous procedure called cleaning was born just a few decades ago. Before that people were living in the joyful and careless reality of renting. People were leaving their properties without having to remove the cobwebs on that window on the ceiling that could be hardly ever reached. People were leaving without spending tens of pounds on cleaning products and they were leaving without even thinking about the people who will come right after. The security deposits were just a formality bath-988502_640– money you gave when you moved in and you took when you moved out – as simple as that. Neither the landlords nor the letting agencies sent representatives with checklists and sharp eyes.

The life was simple and easy. It was more than enjoyable and nothing could kill the enthusiasm of someone who was leaving the old rented house to go in a recently purchased new one. Building a home was a dream, a goal, and the meaning of the existence. The idyll was complete. But what is going on now? Did the reality remain unchanged in the era of fierce capitalism and globalization? No, not at all.

The end of tenancy cleaning is the one you need to perform before leaving in order to get the thousands from the security deposit back. The end of tenancy cleaning is inclusive, hard, and requires professional skills and quite an experience. The end of tenancy cleaning is the name of the most hated task in modern United Kingdom. And if you are living in London, you are hearing about it every single day. But is it that hard and is the situation that depressing, or there is a light in the end of the tunnel? Yes, indeed. The professional end of tenancy cleaning offered by the very best cleaning experts in town will be a life saver.

Here is what you need to know about it.

Need an end of tenancy cleaning company in London?

Accessible and Easy

While you are cuddled with your beloved one on the sofa one nice and chilled Friday evening, you can plan everything you need so that the end of tenancy cleaning as well as the entire move out go smoothly. Take the laptop or even your phone. Go on the website and arrange an appointment. Tell the cleaners all the details about your home and its condition and they will come at time convenient for you and make it shine.

And Much Cheaper

At first, you may think that spending money on cleaning is useless and even insane. Why giving so much on something you can do by yourself? First of all, believe me, you cannot clean as good as they can. And second, the amount of money you will for the cleaning is absolutely nothing compared with the amount of money you will lose after the end of tenancy cleaning inspection if your house is not in the best condition possible. And after a little bit deeper thought, you alone will jump to the conclusion that relying to the experts is the best choice.