How to deal with the most common stains on the carpet with homemade embroiled preparations

Our favorite carpets and rugs do not always seem as us we want. No matter how careful ever happens to spilled coffee, juice, liquid food, or even worse – ink. In most cases, rapid and timely response is essential, so the carpet to stay clean and free of stains.

Baby wipes find a variety of applications at home – cleaning the keyboard and monitor to cleaning makeup. Today, however, we will use them to clean up spilled coffee on the carpet. The faster you respond, the better – you wipe the spilled liquid. Tissues will absorb both liquid and will clean deep fibers of the floor mat. If necessary, repeat the operation until clear.

Coffee and tea

Stains from coffee and tea you can remove another drink – beer. Pour a little of it on a rag and rub the problem area on the carpet. Remove with a wet rag.


The most nightmarish spots for a housewife are those of ink. Some milk and cornstarch however, will save the situation. Mix both components to give a thick slurry. Apply to the stain and let dry for several hours, then remove with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Red wine

Image of stainAnd what would you do if the carpet is spilled red wine? If the carpet is dark in color, will not sink in sorrow much, but if it is in bright colors then? Then come to the aid salt and a little white wine. While stain is still fresh, pour it with a little white wine, which will dilute its deep red color. Clean and dry with a cloth and cold water. Sprinkle with plenty of salt and wait about 20 minutes. Clean with a vacuum cleaner. If necessary – repeat. If the stains are too stubborn choose the services of carpet cleaning Chelmsford. You can also look up on this page some cleaning tips.